“We gained greater security and more freedom”

Mackmyra is the pioneer and innovator that launched the Swedish whisky expedition. Mackmyra offers award-winning single malt whisky, exciting whisky experiences and the ability to create your own whisky using your own personal 30-liter barrel. The company has about 40 employees and markets its products in a number of countries. Mackmyra’s share is traded on Nasdaq OMX First North.

We talk to Roger Sjödin, IT controller at Mackmyra

Mackmyra left its former provider and IT environment using its own hardware, and transferred to Wycore’s cloud-based solution, which yielded a far more flexible IT environment and cut costs.

“Wycore’s cloud-based solution has resulted in more and better equipment at significantly lower operating costs. We have also gained unbeatable cost control and don’t have to worry about buying new hardware as we grow,” says Roger Sjödin, IT Manager at Mackmyra.

Since its launch, Mackmyra had maintained its own IT environment supervised by an external provider. The IT environment comprised hardware, with a number of servers and network equipment located in the provider’s outdoor cooling containers. In terms of systems, in addition to the standard email and storage services, they also had business, decision-making and sales support systems. For the manufacturing process, they used a separate, advanced production system.

More flexible IT environment and major cost-savings 

Mackmyra needed to improve its IT solution and the choice was between upgrading its own classic IT solution with new hardware and new licenses, or shifting gears and entrusting Wycore with overall functional responsibility for a new, completely cloud-based IT environment. Mackmyra opted for a new solution on Wycore’s platform.

“If we hadn’t outsourced this to Wycore, the costs of investing in new servers, licenses and the associated consulting costs would have been very substantial, probably around a million (SEK). So at a far lower overall cost, we are now gaining an environment that is flexible and renews itself as technology advances. And this generates enormous savings in terms of experience, which you can’t really put a value on,” says Roger.

Mackmyra has now achieved an orderly structure to its IT environment, featuring an operationally secure solution that is scalable and future-proof, since any and all advancements are simply added to the new solution. They are in control of their IT costs since they have a fixed monthly fee for their service solution, and don’t need to invest in any of their own hardware. The new solution has also yielded cost savings, including essentially eliminating consulting costs for the operating environment. “We don’t want to have to think about servers or licenses. Now we simply purchase the capacity needed when necessary.”

“In terms of administration, Wycore is unique in its ability to administer users and provide software and licenses. As an administrator, you work with straightforward tools and only publish that which the users need to use. Wycore ensures greater security and more freedom,” says Roger.

By essentially eliminating the costs of consultants to work on the operating environment, they are now able to develop and renew other key functions that generate greater customer value. “It’s nice to be able to bolster the company’s security, while also being able to maintain a focus on advancing our business instead of on maintenance,” says Roger.

Mackmyra is the pioneer and innovator who started the Swedish whiskey expedition. Mackmyra offers award-winning single malt whiskey, exciting whiskey experiences and the ability to create their own whiskey through their own personal 30-liter dish. The company has about 40 employees and sales in a number of countries. Mackmyras share is traded on Nasdaq OMX First North.


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