We are in greater control and enjoy better security than before, while also having substantially reduced our costs.


We meet Thomas Kraft, Head of IT at the Ebab Group

Ebab is one of Stockholm’s premier project and property development consultancies, staffed by about 250 individuals collectively pursuing client projects value at an estimated SEK 10 billion. Their clients comprise investors or major state-run property owners, market-listed property companies, public housing companies or clients conducting operations in their own premises.

Ebab previously employed a traditional IT model using a solution comprising numerous laptops with locally installed software and corresponding docking stations. Everything was connected to independent servers, often using expensive VPN links.

“We had an IT environment that was far too complex and resource-demanding, not to mention too static for a company of our size. It required expensive, fixed connections, advanced equipment and continuous monitoring. Our client management software was pointlessly difficult and time-consuming. A great deal of energy was spent configuring and packaging applications, as well as installing various drivers, and updating new Windows versions was a nightmare,” says Thomas Kraft.

Most of Ebab’s employees are consultants who spend their time working in the field, from one or several of the company’s roughly 20 offices and project offices. The organization also comprises a significant number of subcontractors and temporary staff – often using their own IT equipment – which, in the past, was clearly challenging to manage in a secure and controlled fashion. As the plans of a construction project are under tight constraints, it is imperative that efficiency be maximized at every level, particularly regarding IT. The way projects are currently structured, our company’s need for greater flexibility and better access to IT for all employees is also growing: simple and secure access to both files and applications, regardless of location or computer unit.

“Our project offices have always been challenging in terms of IT. Long lead-times for establishing service, high broadband requirements for the communication links and generally difficult to manage. When combined with expensive and complicated setups, our laptop strategy exposed us to greater risks in terms of theft and the loss of key data – which was unfortunately all too often stored locally on the computer’s hard drive,” Thomas Kraft continues.

Construction workers behind blueprints and laptop on construction site

Cloud-based IT – the path to greater value creation

Despite the fact that the entire organization was operating at full speed and we were enjoying the greatest growth in the company’s 30-year history, Ebab strategically decided to initiate the process of introducing a completely cloud-based IT environment.

We want IT to empower and support our core business as much as possible, and the primary operational advantages that we had identified with a cloud-based environment were a high degree of accessibility and employee efficiency, improved data security, streamlined administration, fewer compatibility problems, and significant cost reductions,” says Thomas Kraft. “I don’t think that we would have been able to grow as fluidly under our former IT environment. In the past two years, we have managed to balance substantial employee inflows and outflows to and from our business in a controlled and efficient manner.”

Wycore was entrusted with overall responsibility for transforming Ebab’s IT platform. All applications, email, files and documents were migrated in an efficient and controlled manner to Wycore’s cloud-service platform.

“I had no doubt that this was the right approach and we had the utmost technical confidence in Wycore. We also wanted a partner that considers us important, and Wycore certainly does,” says Thomas.

Workers working at construction site

Some of the biggest gains for Ebab in using Wycore’s platform are based on its clear standardization and flexible scalability. As part of an effort to further improve the previous client management system that was so difficult, Ebab also opted to implement Wycore’s cloud clients as the standard-issue platform for employees. The thin clients are zero maintenance and only serve as a “window” to the central data center, where all the processing transpires. Compared with a laptop, these clients are also significantly less prone to theft, substantially less expensive and have a service life that is years longer.

Accessibility is by far the most frequently cited feedback from employees concerning the new platform. Highly popular is the ability to connect to and access their entire personal IT environment whenever, wherever and from essentially any computer device – with no compromises.

Backed by Wycore as an IT operator and using their cloud services as the foundation for our digital platform, we now have a much more flexible and organizationally elastic IT system, both technically and financially speaking. The management of our IT environment is significantly easier and we are also in greater control and enjoy better security than before. We are convinced that this shift in technology will foster valuable means for serving our clients’ future needs and expectations,” adds Thomas Kraft.

“With Wycore as an IT operator and with their cloud services as the basis for our digital platform, today we have a much more flexible and organizationally elastic IT, both technically and economically. Managing our IT environment is much easier and we also have better control and higher security than before. We are convinced that this technology shift provides valuable opportunities to meet our customers’ future demands and expectations, “Thomas Kraft continues.


Ebab is one of Stockholm’s leading consultancy companies in project and property development and employs approximately 250 people, who together run customer projects for an estimated SEK 10 billion. Their clients are investors or large state property owners, listed real estate companies, public housing companies or customers operating in their own premises. 


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