“We want it to work!”


Lindqvist Bygg is a modern and environmentally aware construction company focused on new production and reconstruction. Their principal market is the Greater Stockholm area, where they are one of the leading players. Since launching in 1994, they have completed roughly 1,600 projects for their clients. A substantial share of their approximately 100 employees work on-site at construction sites, making them particularly dependent on a strong connection and access. Lindqvist Bygg’s touchstones are a long-term approach and trust, which are highly compatible with Wycore’s values.

Along with the companies Nicator and MFS Fastighetsservice, Lindqvist Bygg is part of the Växjö Entreprenad Group.

We don’t want support, we want it to work!

We meet Göran P Larson, President, and Mattias Sand, Foreman and Head of IT at Lindqvist Bygg.

What exactly do we need?

Lindqvist Bygg had its own servers whose warranties had expired and were at the end of their service life.
Ahead of replacing its IT system, the question – as is commonly asked – was: “What do we do now and what exactly do we need?”

We began by drafting a list of requirements based on our needs. We were probably quite flexible in choosing a solution, as long as it met our needs.” Overall, Lindqvist Bygg’s requirements on an IT environment were as follows:

  • Zero hassle
  • Better management of related costs
  • Better functionality/stability/speed
  • Scalability
  • Swift resolution of any issues
  • More efficient utilization, with deeper knowledge in general
  • Must work without effort on our part

Göran P Larson, CEO and Mattias Sand, Senior Vice President and IT Manager at Lindqvist Bygg.

”We just want it to work”

“We knew that we wanted to have a functional IT system – we just want it to work and we don’t want any hassle with it ourselves,” says Göran P Larson, President of Lindqvist Bygg. “Our strong growth creates a variety of increasing needs and demands. Our Group management strategically categorized the IT function as a business-critical function, whereby user-friendliness, stability, cost control, accessibility and security are assigned high priority.”

Lindqvist Bygg accepted about five bids and personally met with all of the bidders. The largest companies were eliminated: “We don’t want to be a client that becomes anonymous in a massive apparatus. We wanted to feel like an important client for our provider,” says Mattias Sand, Foreman and Head of IT at the company.


Göran P Larson, CEO Lindqvist Bygg.

Smart technology and the right personal chemistry

They opted for Wycore’s cloud-based solution, which matched Lindqvist’s requirements. In addition to the technical solutions, a key parameter in selecting Wycore was its team members. “When Wycore came in, we felt an enormous sense of relief internally. During the negotiations, there were a number of parameters that felt incomprehensible. Yet Wycore spoke in a way that we understood, which also gave us a sense of reassurance that we were getting what we wanted and needed,” says Mattias. A strong relationship developed in the team between Wycore and Lindqvist Bygg, with a partnership hallmarked by understanding and trust. And there were lots of laughs during the process, which can be a somewhat suspenseful process.

“We don’t have any in-house IT skills at the company, and given the right provider, we don’t need any,” says Göran, adding “Instead, we’ve assembled an internal IT group comprising skilled employees who also have a user perspective and know what the operation’s needs are. But we need Wycore as a sounding board.”

t is also reassuring to know that Wycore serves as a provider to our industry associate Ebab. Lindqvist Bygg held a meeting with Ebab, reaffirming that Wycore understood the business and its needs. “We have no intention of being experimental in terms of IT – we have to be able to rely on the system,” says Göran “But with Wycore, we also felt that we were talking a step forward – simply put, modernizing our operations in a very reassuring way.”

Lindqvist also arranged a more homogenous solution for its licenses, and individual users can no longer download any software they want to, which creates a secure and stable environment. Lindqvist also upgraded to the latest Windows version.

Connections that works

A classic feature of the construction sector is dealing with poor connections on construction sites. “VPN tunnels here and there become a hassle. This has now been resolved using Wycore’s solution. Now it’s accessible and user-friendly,” says Göran.

Seamless internal process

Internally, Lindqvist ensured a sensible and seamless process. They placed considerable emphasis on providing employees with clear information in the course of the process. It was also important for the IT group employees to be part of the process from the beginning, and to evaluate and test the system. “This lent the organization more relevance and credibility than if I as President had dictated how things were meant to be. Although I’m very familiar with the everyday workings of the company, the employees are clearly the ones most familiar with their own work. Our timeline was fairly ambitious, yet our solid internal information campaign helped add to a seamless process,” says Göran.

Wycore has been there throughout the entire implementation process and provided clarity with such features as the project timeline that they brought with them. This provided reassurance and an overview of the project. “Naturally, we were nervous before going live,” says Mattias. “But everything has gone very well, and most of the questions deal with finding icons and functions in the new Windows version, which is just part of it all.”

“Now we have a system that works, we have strong connections at our construction sites, greater operational reliability than with our own servers and we have managed to organize our programs, users and licenses. Now that we offer a hassle-free system that gives our users freedom, we have become modern and more attractive as an employer. And we don’t have to worry about support or maintenance. It just works.”


Lindqvist Bygg is a modern and environmentally sound construction company active in new production and rebuilding. Their main market is Greater Stockholm where they are one of the leading players. Since its inception in 1994, they have carried out approximately 1,600 projects for their clients. They have a large proportion of their approximately 100 employees on construction sites, which makes them extra dependent on good connectivity and accessibility. Lindqvist Bygg works after the term long-term and confidence, which fits well with Wycore’s values.

Lindqvist Bygg is part of the company Nicator and MFS Fastighetsservice in the Växjö Entreprenad Group.


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