Wycore launches new cloud platform – better user experience and ability to CAD

Enhanced user experience and ability to use advanced 3D graphics and CAD applications with Wycore’s new platform, based on the latest version of Windows for servers and Citrix’s most advanced technologies.

“Our new platform is technically brilliant and creates a generally better and more user-friendly experience, as well as enabling the use of more powerful applications such as CAD,” said John Lybäck, CEO of Wycore.

Svenska Wycore, which develops and supplies cloud-based desktops, is now launching its new Wycore 3 platform. The new platform is based on the latest version of Windows for faster and better graphics servers. It is also upgraded with Citrix’s most advanced technology, Platinum Edition, which allows customers to expand with additional graphics cards capable of using advanced 3D graphics and CAD applications. The need for powerful workstations thus disappears and licenses can be optimized through significantly better control.

The entire new platform is also optimized for Microsoft’s global server solution Azure. This creates a platform that provides total digital freedom for the boundless office regardless of geographical location in the world, with optimal performance and very high operational and information security.

Microsoft Office365 is installed by default and the platform has been thoroughly tested and quality assured to work optimally with all parts of Office365. A special software is also built to handle the local mail profile and now holds the same speed against the Office365 Exchange as a locally installed version. Skype for companies is also standard and audio communication is optimized to use the local audio devices on the clients.
Another new feature is a built-in internet connection performance indicator. The user will be given a warning if they are on a weak internet connection. The warning, combined with additional diagnostic information in the app, makes it easy for the user to get the best possible experience of the Wycore desktop.

For more information contact:
Martin Ågren, Press Officer Wycore
martin.agren@wycore.com, 0707-83 55 01

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