Inhouse experiences how Wycore’s systems streamline operations through accessibility, flexibility and reliability.

High demands on the IT system
“When customers are many, they work in a wide range of industries, and expect quick delivery and prompt response, then the IT system depends. For Inhouse, with offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, an IT solution was required that could meet their high demands.

Unleashing licenses, updates and server threats while ensuring that you get an IT solution with security and technology at the forefront. These are some of the reasons why the Inhouse staffing company chose Wycore’s cloud services.

“We had another cloud service earlier but it became problematic when we had to use old software for the platform to be undeveloped. There were many support calls, “says Daniel Lazar, IT Manager at Inhouse.

Available, safe and technology at the forefront
Instead, the choice fell on Wycore’s cloud service, which could offer a solution that matched Inhouse’s needs and met their requirements. “We needed a modern solution that is smooth and secure. Now I do not need to keep on and manage updates, licenses, and strange servers. Everything flows and works, “says Daniel Lazar.

The users, Inhouse consultants, estimate that with the remote desktop solution, they can access their documents and their emails, anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

– With the remote desktop, you can sit anywhere – in the office in town, at home or abroad – yet access the company’s server, download documents and templates or write me. It’s easy, says Daniel Lazar.

Security among the most important
The flexibility and flexibility are important, but at least as important is reliability, “said Daniel Lazar.
“One reason we have chosen this solution is the security aspect. Now we know that all data is backed up and that we do not lose any information if something goes wrong. Another advantage is the ability to manage passwords, accounts and add or remove users via the Wycore Manage control panel, “says Daniel Lazar. “I enter Wycore Manage whenever I want to add users, create group calendars for our meeting rooms or the like. It’s very smooth. ”

Incorrectness goes before the price
The most important factor in the choice of supplier, Daniel considers operational reliability, getting a flawless IT operation without interruption simply. “I’m sure it’s the future’s biggest competitive edge, and something that goes beyond price, namely, the supplier can guarantee error and close enough perfection,” concludes Daniel.

Inhouse is consulting company in organizational development, recruitment and staffing. They focus on sectors of communication, finance, business services and HR. Inhouse has about 40 employees and the company has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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