Lindqvist Bygg signs an agreement with Wycore

Lindqvist Bygg is a modern and environmentally sound construction company active in new production and rebuilding. Their main market is Greater Stockholm where they are one of the leading players. Since its inception in 1994, they have carried out approximately 1,600 projects for their clients. They have a large proportion of their approximately 100 employees on construction sites, which makes them extra dependent on good connectivity and accessibility. Lindqvist Bygg works after the term long-term and confidence, which fits well with Wycore’s values.

Lindqvist Bygg is part of the company Nicator and MFS Fastighetsservice in the Växjö Entreprenad Group.

Leaves custom servers

Lindqvist Bygg declines its own servers as warranted, and was in the final stages of its function. “We knew we wanted functional IT, it just works, we do not want to hold on to ourselves.” Says Göran P Larson, CEO of Lindqvist Bygg. “Our strong growth creates different growing needs and requirements. Management in the Group has made a strategic choice that the IT function is a business critical feature where user-friendliness, stability, cost control, accessibility and security are highly prioritized. ”

There was also some assurance that Wycore delivers to industry colleague Ebab. Lindqvist Bygg met with Ebab, confirming that Wycore understood the business and its needs. “We have no ambition to be experimental in IT, we need to feel safe in the systems,” says Göran. “But with Wycore, we also felt we took a step forward, becoming more modern in a safe way simply.”

Connection that works

Something that is classical for the construction industry is to be tampered with poor connection on the building genes. “It’s getting rid of VPN tunnels here and there. We got it right now with Wycore’s solution. It became available and user-friendly. “Says Göran.

“Now we have a system that works, we have good connectivity on our construction sites, higher reliability than with our own servers and order and find programs, users and licenses. We are modern and more attractive as employers when we offer a carefree system that gives freedom to the user. And we do not need support or operation. It just works. ”

“We are pleased to help them with a modern, safe, cost-effective and future-proof solution,” said John Lybäck, CEO of Wycore.

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