Wycore launches new cloud client with the option of four screens

Wycore launches a new cloud client in its concept of custom-configured thin clients, the Wycore Client T730. It is a super-client with better graphics cards that can handle up to four screens simultaneously.

“Our cloud clients provide an unrivaled carefree IT environment and have a much longer life span. In the customers who use the clients, there is sometimes a need for more than two screens, which the Wycore Client T730 can handle and thus streamline its work, “said John Lybäck, CEO of Wycore.

Wycore’s concept cloud clients are custom-configured thin clients used instead of computers. They connect directly into the user’s cloud desktop Wycore Desktop, which minimizes the risk of malfunctions and interruptions.

The new cloud client Wycore Client T730 has better graphics cards and processor and enables the use of four simultaneous monitors, which makes the work more efficient. With Wycore’s new platform based on the latest version of Windows for servers and Citrix’s most advanced technology, there is now the opportunity to work with advanced 3D graphics and CAD applications. This opens to perform more graphical work where more than two screens are often needed.

Wycore cloud clients do not consist of any mechanics and start up instantly, and the requirements for other configurations have been completely eliminated. Because the clients are completely maintenance free, there is no need to update anything in the devices, such as operating system updates or antivirus. Cloud clients also have a significantly longer service life, up two to three times longer than standard computers. Only a standard internet connection, screen, keyboard and mouse are required. If something happens to one or more clients, then no data has been lost, just starting a new one and taking care of where it ended.

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