Behind every digital unit lies an individual. An employee with the ability to promote innovation, development and growth. When coupled with digital freedom, this ability generates opportunities to create enduring value for the organization. Creative process are empowered. This way, everyone wins.

Wycore’s user-friendly, cloud-based desktop is just as powerful as it is easy to use, and it doesn’t constraint the program needs of its users. By way of technical brilliance, we provide access to digital freedom on your terms. The equipment, tools and location are up to you.

We also offer exacting operational and information security, as well as a clear upside for companies.

Our vision

We founded Wycore to make a difference and help make the world a better place by offering digital freedom. The Wycore desktop is designed to enable an autonomous lifestyle on the user’s terms while optimizing a company’s ability to grow and succeed.

Everyone should have access to the digital tools they need to live the life they want to live and achieve their full potential as an employee. As a company you can deploy the latest cutting-edge technology to stay in the forefront.


Since 2008, Wycore has developed and delivered cloud-based desktops. All while developing our systems and our organization to meet our customers’ needs.

We closely monitor future trends to remain in the forefront. When these trends turn into preferences among our customers we are then able to quickly offer them as part of our secure systems. Our platform will never be experimental, we will always remain as modern as we are secure. At the same time, we will always stay ahead of the competition by developing, testing and fine-tuning the Wycore base. As a Wycore customer, your will stay ahead of the competition by having access to the latest in IT.

Wycore’s head office is located in Stockholm, with additional offices in New York and Hong Kong.
Our clients span all industries and all corners of the world.

We also offer exacting operational and information security, as well as a clear upside for companies.


We are convinced that access to the digital world and the knowledge therein fosters development, a sense of community and improved living conditions. This is why we created Wycore Digital Aid – a concept to provide internet access, digital tools and knowledge to children and youth in developing nations.

A growing number of our clients are discovering the benefits of replacing their computers with our Wycore Client. We take the computers that are no longer needed from our customers and clean them out so that they can be of use for in schools and orphanages. A computer that may have served its use in Sweden can still give a lot of value on the other side of the world.

Read more about Wycore Digital Aid here…


At Wycore, we incorporate our core values in every aspect of our work, from our overall strategy to the most minute details.


We always strive to look after the best interests of our clients and their as well as our employees. We are receptive to any needs that may arise.


The Wycore desktop service is based on what our clients have told us they need. We aim to make our services user-friendly and easy to use, and at the same time very secure.


We are loyal to our clients and their as well as our employees. We don’t shy away from problems, we do our utmost to ensure that they never arise in the first place.


We maintain a constant dialogue with our clients. We do not have hidden fees attached to our product. Our service is easy to understand, purchase and use.


We aim to inspire our clients to be the best they can be. When partnering with Wycore we build a team with the client, setting up common goals. Together, we then create enduring value for all parties.


We package cutting-edge technology in an easy to use services that is beneficial to our users and clients. Our development team is always looking at the latest trends so that you as a customer always have the best possible tools at hand.