Wycore Desktop

Wycore Desktop is your entire computer streamed over the internet. You can use the Wycore Desktop from anywhere and from any device.

Wycore Desktop is engineered to handle any workload and runs on a global server infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure. On Wycore’s cloud platform, you do not need cumbersome VPN connections. Instead, you merely log in from any computer or via any Chrome web browser.

ur cloud service is a smooth and flawless IT solution where you get your entire work desktop streamed to you. You get access to everything you need, any files, any applications – wherever you are and from any device.

Wycore is based on a monthly fee per user – so you only pay for what you are use.

We significantly reduce the need for support because Wycore Desktop works!


Your computer desktop streamed to you

Gain access to all your files and applications wherever you are. All your files are saved in real time, on the company’s shared drive or in your own home folder. Log in at home and find your computer desktop just as you left it at work.

Use any device

You can use any device – Mac, PC, iPad, Wycore Client or even a mobile phone.

Your applications anywhere

All your applications can be used anywhere on any device without any installation, minimum requirement is a Chrome browser to get access.

Safe, reliable and secure

Wycore’s technology is based on the latest architecture located in top-class data centers. Antivirus, app-locker and automated backups are part of the service.

Pay per user and month

Wycore Desktop is subscription-based, which means a fixed monthly fee and no surprises.

Support when you need it

Our support is efficient, helpful, and with fast response times.


Reduce dependence on IT specialists when making company decisions, reduced complex IT tasks to a single click.

One or more administrators at your company can use the “Wycore Manager” to manage your users and create teams and workgroups. In “Wycore Manager” you can quickly create new users and decide which software they should have access to. The administrator adds a user with an email address and then select which programs the new user should have on their desktop – Wycore makes managing IT as simple as this. Easily create groups and project teams with different rights to folders and printers.

All updates occur directly inside the Wycore system. This means that waiting times for creating a new user at your company is a thing of the past. Administrators get full control over users and what software is assigned. The “Wycore Manager” simplifies IT for our customers since they do not need to contact anyone for changes that pertain to their daily operations. Wycore means no waiting time when you grow your business.


With the “Wycore Director” our support team can provide unlimited support to you and your staff. “Wycore Director” is fast, and it’s easy to search for users and manage all aspects of their Wycore desktops. “Wycore Director” allows you to start and stop programs on a per user bases if needed.

If you want to provide further support, the administrator can click on the user’s desktop to gain full control of the desktop and see what the user sees via a mirroring function.

Wycore Director helps to minimize costs and eliminate the need for specialized skills or onsite IT support, and users can get immediate support.



Wycore focuses on delivering a solution that is the best for our customers and from a long-term perspective. We have developed completely maintenance-free computers that connect directly to our system. We call that model the Wycore Client.

Companies that use Wycore Client increase their productivity considerably. Clients will be pre-configured with our unique configuration and can be plugged into any network outlet, anywhere without further setup. With Wycore Client, it is easy to build a work environment for rotating workplaces or hot desks for employees who are not in the office so often.

As the clients are kept completely locked down users can use any client anywhere, even at a different company, and never have to worry about security as no data is stored locally. As the end-users are not able to install any software productivity increases significantly.

The Wycore clients need less space, and less power, which helps to improve both the environment and the economy.


Office 365 Enterprise

Wycore includes the E3 version of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 E3 gives your access to some of the market’s best business software. The license allows you to install Microsoft Office locally on up to 4 other devices. This means that you can also use the Office package locally if you do not have an internet connection, such as on an airplane. You can also use a license on your home computer.

All software’s listed below are included in Microsoft Office 365 E3.

Does Wycore work with multiple monitors?

Wycore Desktop reflects the function from the computer. So, if it has multiple screens, the desktop will also appear on multiple screens.

Can I use my regular computer?

Yes, you can use any computer connected to the internet.

Does my local printer work?

Yes, when you log in, your printers will be connected to Wycore Desktop and also displayed there.