Wycore Digital Aid – digitalisation with love

A computer can provide a better life!

We are convinced that access to the digital world and the knowledge therein fosters development, a sense of community and improved living conditions. This is why we created Wycore Digital Aid – a concept to provide internet access, computers and digital tools to children and youth in developing nations.

As a growing number of our clients are discovering the benefits of replacing their computers with Wycore Cloud Client, the computers that are no longer needed can be of use for e.g. schools and orphanages in other regions of the world, where a computer can make a big difference.


Under our Wycore Digital Aid initiative, we collect and maintain computers that are no longer needed here. We restore and repair them, and then make sure that they become a resource for children and youth who would otherwise not have had access to a computer or the internet. This is a sustainable concept that spreads a great deal of joy and provides the means for a better life. We are very proud to be able to offer this assistance in collaboration with our clients.


As part of our sustainability work, we support COS Foundation, a Swedish children’s home project in the Philippines www.cosfoundation.com

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