Wycore gets Microsoft’s highest cloud status

Wycore has received Microsoft Cloud Cloud Partner Status, Cloud Solution Provider Tier 1, which means a direct connection to Microsoft.


“Microsoft is a key part of our offer and having the highest cloud service partner status is a receipt that we are a good partner for Microsoft, and it will be much faster for our customers to receive Microsoft products when there is no some intermediaries, “says John Lybäck, CEO of Wycore.

The Cloud Cloud Provider Tier 1 Cloud Cloud Partner Level is assigned to Microsoft Partners’ partners as a provider and provides a direct link to Microsoft. Microsoft has agreed that Wycore can now consult, license, deliver and create Office365 portals, as well as provide good service in Swedish and also handle billing.

For Wycore’s customers, it means significantly faster delivery of Microsoft’s online products when Wycore interconnects its own control panel with the Office365 portal. Customers then create their users in Wycore’s portal, and then automatically receive direct access to Office365 licenses without intermediaries.

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