Wycore Cloud Client
maintenence free computer

Secure, cost effective and maintenance free.

Wycore focuses on delivering a solution that is the best for our customers and from a long-term perspective. We have a completely maintenance-free computers that connect directly to our system. We call that computer the — Wycore Client.

Companies that use Wycore Client increase their productivity considerably.. The Clients will be pre-configured with our unique configuration and can be plugged into any network outlet anywhere without further setup. With Wycore Client, it is easy to build a work environment for rotating workplaces or hot desks for employees. 

Combined with the Wycore Desktop the result will be a complete maintenance free IT-environment, always running.


Highest security

Wycore Clients are kept completely locked down, users can use any client anywhere and never have to worry about security as no data is stored locally. End-users are not able to install any software productivity increases significantly.

No onboarding time

Save time and money with a turn key ready computer to setup anywhere. Since there is no personal information stored on the clients a spare unit can always be available. A new user can be fully onboarded in a minute and just access any client. 


Touchdown anywhere

Anyone with a Wycore account can use any Wycore Client anywhere in the world. No matter what region or country. 

Quick setup for satellite office. Just connect internet and all is set to go.



The client always works in every environment. Time saving and no more waiting for any updates or any configurations.


Nothing is able to be stored on the client. No more worry about virus or data leakage. No Hard Drive failure to worry about.


With a lifespan up to three times a regular desktop and four times a normal notebook. The Total Cost of Ownership is unbeatable.

Your desktop everywhere

Establish permanent Wycore Clients in the conference room and anyone with a Wycore Account can use the client. No more carrying around on laptops for the meetings.

Everyone have the same login screen and will connect to your Wycore Desktop instantly.


Maintenance Free

No more updates or computer maintenance. The client is a fully maintenance free PC .

Works Everywhere

Any user can access their full Wycore Desktop computer from any Wycore Client in the world.

Quick onboarding

Plug and play any client anywhere. Works instantly with just any internet connection.

Highest Security

No harddrives, no need for antivirus software. Blocked access to local storage or even USB.

Top quality hardware

With top quality hardware produced by HP we deliver the most powerful client on the market

Cost reduction

Reduce capital expenses, optimize your office space, and drastically increase the PC lifetime.

Full support for Teams, skype and Zoom

Establish Wycore Clients in every conference room and endure hassle free video meetings. 



A Wycore Client model 640 using 3 monitors

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