Well-functioning IT is the foundation for any company’s growth and well-being.
Since 2008 we have developed a product based on what our clients need. We believe in Digital Freedom – welcome to Wycore!

Digital Frihet


Your computer where you are! Users can access their desktops and data whenever, and from anywhere, on any device of their choice – securely.

Enkelt och kraftfullt


Our clients can efficiently scale their businesses – regardless of workloads or number of employees.

Tekniskt briljant


We are always up to date! Wycore is a hassle-free platform, easy to implement and secure. Optimized features based on the latest available technology.


Does the cloud feel fuzzy?
We stay sharp.

As an expert, you will be impressed.

As a user, you will be free.


Your computer desktop in the cloud. On any device, anywhere. Wycore allows individuals and enterprises to work and collaborate remotely regardless of device or network. With focus on the end user, we have developed and delivered cloud-based desks since 2008 based on cutting edge technology.

Wycore provides IT as a service for your company. The Wycore desktop is streamed over the internet, which simplifies usage, increases security and reduces costs. As an independent IT service provider, we are experts at handling all the complicated and technical matters, so that you can focus entirely on your business.

We build your entire IT environment on our secure platform hosted in the cloud. With Wycore, you are provided with a reliable solution, no IT investments, and total transparency in what you are paying for. Our clients choose Wycore to avoid high IT investments and expensive consulting fees. With our control panel, you can very quickly add new users, applications, and features. Our advanced IT function minimizes the need for
support, but if you need help, our customer service is always available around the clock.

“We do not want (IT) support; we just want it to work!”

Lindqvist Bygg had old servers that were becoming obsolete, and the warranty of those servers were expiring. Before replacing IT systems, the question came up like so many others: “How do we do it and what do we need?”




Wycore launches new cloud client with the option of four screens

The new cloud client Wycore Client T730 has better graphics cards and processor and enables the use of four simultaneous monitors, which makes the work more efficient. With Wycore’s new platform….. Read more


Wycore launches new cloud platform – better user experience and capability of CAD with Wycore 3

Now release version 3 of Wycore! Enhanced user experience and ability to use advanced 3D graphics and CAD applications with Wycore’s new platform, based on the latest version of Windows for servers and Citrix’s most advanced technologies. Read more

Wycore Digital Aid – Circular digitalisation with love

Wycore Digital Aid – Circular digitalisation with love

We are convinced that access to the digital world and knowledge around this promote development, community and improved living conditions. Therefore, we created Wycore Digital Aid… Read more

Some of our customer cases

Lindqvist Construction

” We knew we wanted to rent IT as a function that works; we do not want to maintain IT ourselves. “Says Goran P Larson, CEO of Lindqvist Bygg…Read more

Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey

Mackmyra left their old IT-partner with local hardware. They switched to use Wycore’s cloud-based solution, which provides them with a significantly more flexible IT environment and has helped to save costs….
Read more

Workers working at construction site


”We have better control and higher security than before, while the cost is greatly reduced”…Read more

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