Frequent Business Problems That Wycore’s Cloud Desktop Can Solve In A Jiffy

It’s quite surprising how even after a decade, most companies are still in the dark when it comes to the benefit of cloud desktops for their business. With 93% of IT professionals saying that Desktop-as-a-Service is very essential, understanding how it all works can be a potential goldmine for business owners in any type of niche. 

Yes, most professionals are quite familiar with how office systems work: You press a key and the printer spews out your document, or you press ‘send’, and your email is received in real-time. When everything else goes wrong, you call for your internal IT expert to troubleshoot the problem. Simple enough.

However, when it comes to the true benefits of cloud computing, some business owners might scramble for their mobile phones and consult the Google search bar. Then, even after reading its definition, they would still get more confused.

Worry not as we break down the top four things that cloud desktops can do to solve your business problems and make things more efficient wherever you are.  

Upgrading via the cloud

Old school office systems and local area networks rely on in-house hardware and software to run operational tasks. When something breaks down, most of your computer units might also get affected which means reduced productivity. Add to this the many upgrades your IT team has to monitor to keep everything running smoothly. Miss one, and you’re bound to experience some lags or inconsistencies.

Cloud desktops like those installed by Wycore get rid of these unnecessary stresses by regularly upgrading and installing essential software patches via the cloud. Aside from enjoying unhampered work 24/7, you get reliable applications running without a hitch each time you’re logged on. Best of all, you cut down costs on regular maintenance, additional IT personnel, and purchases for upgrades.      

And since everything is hosted via Citrix Platinum’s cloud computing services, you wouldn’t need physical servers that will only take up more office space and will need to be replaced in the long term. 

In short, you’ll never have to worry about anything getting old and needing an upgrade in your IT system ever again.

Work wherever, whenever 

One of the main reasons six out of 10 companies have already migrated to the cloud in 2020 is the need to facilitate remote work. With the COVID-19 pandemic still disrupting businesses globally, cloud desktops have become more prevalent as it addresses the need for employees to access networks wherever they are.

Wycore’s cloud desktops allow users to work on their files and access a full Microsoft 365 suite via Azure as well as other essential programs so that work can continue as it should. Regardless of whatever device you are currently on, you can open up your desktop even if you’re on the sandy beaches of Aruba and need to communicate with your workmates back in the office. 

Today, logging on to work is as easy as taking your mobile phone out of your pocket all thanks to your Desktop-as-a-Service provider.   

Safely secure data via cloud storage

Some of the more often IT-related business challenges you’ll experience have something to do with lost files and corrupted data. From server crashes to cybercrime, risk-related issues are ever-present in business operations.

With cloud computing desktops, however, you get more secure data storage and robust protection against malicious breaches. While not all third-party cloud desktop providers can guarantee 100% protection, Wycore fully backs up your data and files daily so you can always recover compromised files in your system. 

Wycore’s cloud desktops also utilize multi-factor authentication protocols and don’t store any data locally while preventing end-users from installing any unauthorized software into the system. It’s a locked-down system that monitors risks at all times so you get to work on your desktops unhindered.  

Scale accordingly 

Personnel changes are constant to a business and scaling the number of end-users can be difficult if you’re managing your IT systems onsite. The same goes when you need to move to another office location and bring all your hardware and all of those messy wires and cables to the new space. 

Perhaps the number one unique selling point (USP) that cloud desktop providers offer is flexibility. With everything from securing your servers to adding or subtracting the number of users within your system, to installing software and applications done via the cloud,  you enjoy the utmost convenience.  

Another USP that Wycore lets its clients take advantage of is its pay-as-you-go model which ensures you only pay for what you need for your business. With such paying alternatives, business owners and freelancers could say goodbye to being stuck with software and hardware they won’t need and invest more in what really matters. 

Think about it– no maintenance and upgrade costs, stress-free access and application use, remote work capabilities, easy system scaling, and high-level data storage and protection all at lower costs. You can’t get any more flexible than that!

Know more about how Wycore’s cloud desktops can help you solve your IT-related problems.

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