Here’s How ‘YOU’ Can Reap Real Cloud Desktop Benefits From Wycore

Back in the old days, cloud computing took on a one-size-fits-all approach for users from all walks of life. With various digital innovations today, the benefits of cloud desktops are more specific to particular industries which results in higher productivity through more reliable and cost-efficient services. Business cloud services have made a great impact in practically all business sectors that the cloud infrastructure market is expected to grow to over $120 billion this year globally. 

While it is indeed a game-changing innovation, cloud computing is still quite an unfamiliar territory for some companies all over the world. Whether it’s the jargon or complexities that come with it or the brunt of potential added expenses that intimidate these businesses, we’ll never know. But what companies that have experienced business cloud services can tell you is that whatever industry you’re in, you can enjoy big-time benefits via cloud desktops. 

Here are five sectors that can gain a lot from using customized cloud desktops:


What many can consider as ‘digital nomads’ who work remotely and on the go can discover a lot of benefits from cloud desktop services. Since they are location-dependent, there can be a lot of factors to consider to make work seamless and convenient such as connection security, tech support, and remote desktop access on any device among others.

With cloud desktops like what Wycore provides, freelancers pack light and can do away with their laptops, bulky external hard drives, or a handful of USBs as everything they need can be accessed via the cloud. 

Wycore comes with a full Microsoft 365 integration so that freelancers can access their most-used applications remotely without having to worry about corrupted files, software or hardware compatibilities, and unsecured user data. Such business cloud services allow freelancers to make work easier with essential tech and security support always within reach no matter where they are.      


Of course, the big ‘B’ as in budget will always be a concern for any business, and most especially for startups that are trying to score big on series funding rounds. Being able to scale IT infrastructures on a pay-to-go basis can do a lot of good for startups that need to store data, manage accounts, and use programs via web-based interfaces. 

Aside from the great conveniences that cloud computing offers, startups can also benefit from how Wycore’s platform is particularly designed with various useful features that involve data security, tech support, application access, and authorization protocols, all at the best price points. 

The Academe

Today’s global educational sector has finally turned to EdTech innovations that mostly capitalize on the benefits of cloud desktops. From administrative processes to securing sensitive student and professor information, modern schools now go for efficient management information systems (MIS) that rely on cloud computing services.

With Wycore’s multi-factor authentication features and 24/7 troubleshooting support, school administrators, students, parents, and teachers can access their records, use computer programs, or even conduct remote class sessions securely. 

Best of all, the software use is seamless and will not require maintenance or manual re-installations and updates, allowing for better collaborations among educators and administrators within the platform.         

Business Managers and Owners

Any business regardless of scale needs to maintain business continuity to the highest levels. Among the many benefits cloud desktop services can give business managers and owners include the flexibility to perform various tasks, the capability to make work processes easier and faster, and ease of mind when it comes to software updates. Most of all, they get the benefits of digital integration.

With the Wycore Client’s accessibility features, business managers can work on their remote desktops anytime, anywhere to ensure a smoother business flow while efficiently scaling server consumptions or the number of employees that could log on. Imagine having all your business data in one place which your employees can access according to your assigned authorization protocols and having overall control in your systems. You can practically make the beachfront your office without losing touch with your colleagues!    

Healthcare professionals

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much being the business bummer that it is, more healthcare professionals have discovered the true value of cloud desktops in their work. Aside from driving revenue growth, cloud computing has made great improvements in patient services and experiences through remote consultations, secured patient credentials, and the issuances of e-prescriptions.

Wycore’s integrated Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 applications along with other reliable endpoint management tools and services can improve clinical productivity and help deliver better administrative processes. Built-in analytics and 3D-ready applications via NVIDIA technology can also enhance patient care for doctors.   

Take the advantage

Whatever industry you are in, cloud desktops offer immeasurable benefits that will make your work easier, more productive, and highly convenient– and everything at lower costs. 

Wycore always tries to get that first step ahead in cloud computing technology and combines digital freedom to provide its users better business opportunities for those who truly need it. more about the Wycore Client and how you can customize your desktops for better business and profit.

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