Pushing Your Business Edge With Wycore’s Cloud Desktops

So you’ve finally completed your startup checklist. 

  • Market research ✔
  • Business model ✔
  • Sales strategy ✔
  • Capital investment ✔
  • Team hires ✔

Have another look. Anything missing?

You might think you’re ready to launch your brand new startup but then wonder how you can work with your team remotely considering that COVID-19 guidelines are still in place. Perhaps, the big question you should be asking yourself is: have you set up your business cloud desktop infrastructure yet? 

If your answer is ‘no’, chances are you are one of those startups who might have scaled their business without considering the benefits of cloud computing first. For today’s startups, it’s either take advantage of what business cloud services can offer now and into the better normal or risk the chances of sinking fast. 

However, before you launch your startup (or before it sinks to the ground), check out these useful tips on what essential features you should be looking for from a cloud desktop provider to optimize your startup momentum.

Get more flexibility in file access and management

Ever tried opening a Microsoft Excel document using a non-Microsoft application only to find unintelligible and garbled characters that intersect lines and rows on your screen? What causes this is either incompatible operating systems or applications that don’t work well with mobile interfaces. Modern cloud desktops make it easier for users to access, open, edit and save their files in one system that’s centralized by a single operating system.

Wycore’s managed cloud desktops utilize Microsoft 365 applications and services to give its users hassle-free management of their work files. All desktop applications are compatible with different devices so you won’t have to look for compatible hardware when viewing them from the cloud. This type of work flexibility can immensely optimize your remote work while you save storage space on your personal devices.     

Scale your IT environment with cloud desktops

Aside from allowing your team members to use their personal devices and access your office system anywhere, anytime, business cloud services make it possible for startups to scale their IT environment and save on costs. Since most new startups are still determining the amount of manpower they need, adding and removing user accounts, storage, and servers can be done within minutes via cloud desktops.

Wycore allows its clients to scale their IT infrastructures easily so they save time and money while doing away with the need to wait for server upgrades or re-installations. This is possible through the magic of its built-in Microsoft Azure cloud computing service which sets Wycore apart from its other providers.

Leave software updates and patches to your business cloud service

Back when cloud computing was as imaginary as the unicorns in your garden, startups resorted to hiring IT specialists who would need to keep themselves updated on the latest software updates to keep systems running smoothly. Aside from monthly salaries for IT employees, businesses also have to allocate budgets for system upgrades, hardware maintenance, and new software purchases.

Business cloud services have long solved that quagmire and continue to develop more advanced features to keep systems up-to-date. Today, startups won’t have to worry about software updates and the latest application patches to maintain operational efficiency as providers like Wycore are well-abreast of the latest cloud desktop features. Remote maintenance is performed on the regular and system essentials like antivirus software and Java updates among others are managed efficiently so you can work seamlessly while logged on.  

Increase collaboration through secure and remote connections 

Every startup values its data and requires the utmost security to store them. That’s one reason why despite being able to work on your work files on any device available, you’ll have to save them on your company’s designated cloud storage rather than your personal device. Doing this reduces the risks of data leaks while also keeping everything within your work database organized within one platform.

Wycore’s security features encourage peer-to-peer collaborations without compromising confidential data. Through secure and remote connections and cloud streaming services, no third-party entities can hack into your system and wreak cyber havoc. If you want to onboard a new hire, it will only take a few minutes for him to access the system and vice versa should you have to log off ex-team members from the system.

Boost your startup business overall

Here’s where everything boils down to figures. Particularly how global cloud migration spending is estimated at a whopping $480 billion by 2022

While everyone is sure to see a continuing rise in the number of startups who are reaching for the cloud even after the pandemic, there are still challenges in choosing the right providers who can help steer startups to achieve their business goals.

Review your business needs and align them to what business cloud service providers on your shopping cart are offering. Boosting your business as fast as possible depends on how your cloud desktops and their available solutions can perform.

Wycore can implement a number of the most trusted applications and a full Microsoft 10 suite for your IT infrastructure via Azure. This, while also offering virtual workplace flexibility and business scaling. More importantly, for startups that are a bit challenged financially at the moment, pay-to-go options are available so you can conveniently create your own efficient IT environment at lower costs.  
Know more about Wycore’s cloud desktop services and try a free demo so your startup can start reaping the benefits.

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