How Today’s Business Cloud Services Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Business cloud services are becoming more and more popular in global business communities these days not only for how it enables users to store data and share files via the cloud but also for how it streamlines work processes and cuts down costs for dedicated IT infrastructures. 

In the U.S., companies are steadily creating growth for cloud adoption since 2016 with 60% having already fully migrated their systems last year. The industry is expected to remain bullish with a projected $800 billion worth in four years. 

Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific region, China closed last year with an infrastructure spending of $19 billion from only 11.5 billion in 2019, translating to a rapid 66% increase in cloud adoption for the region. 

With a range of essential programs and desktop functions right at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you need them, cloud desktops have made the way every professional does business more productive and efficient. 

From setting up a customized business desktop to gaining big data analytics, business cloud services can benefit business managers, company CEOs, freelancers, or solopreneurs in numerous ways. 

However, as various cloud desktop providers differ in what they have to offer, a business has to look for the right IT partner that can give its users access to the best software subscription services with a pay-to-go option to reduce overhead costs. Perhaps, one that goes beyond just allocating data storage and cloud computing, and fosters collaboration, protects your files and system optimally, and expands your services with the best price points will be best for your business.

Wycore is one such cloud desktop provider, and here’s how it can help make your business more efficient:    

Fully integrated Microsoft 365 suite with full security features

No one can deny that ‘time’ has always been important in making money especially in this fast-paced era of business. Without any immediate services for system troubleshooting, small businesses can experience significant losses in profit and fall prey to various malware in an instant. 

In the past years, most global industries have migrated to the cloud with various government agencies, startups, solopreneurs, and other micro, small, and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) discovering the benefits of the technology.

One such benefit is the integration of useful software and programs for business within one desktop you can access remotely anytime, anywhere. The Wycore Client boasts a fully integrated Microsoft 365 suite from the Microsoft Azure cloud datacenter and right into user desktops, which its clients can use via a single sign-on regardless of the number of users.

With no need for upgrades, users who are logged on to their virtual desktops can access the latest and essential Microsoft Office programs and more to work and share files seamlessly across compatible applications via OneDrive and Sharepoint. No doubt, with such a dedicated IT infrastructure like those set up by Wycore, businesses can simplify the way their managers can control respective systems and workflows in an instant.     

Amplified online security for every file and application

It only takes a few minutes to set up a dedicated Wycore Client dashboard and immediately, you can run any Windows program from any device or any browser you prefer. The best thing about today’s cloud computing features is how it utilizes optimized security through strict encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication rules that ward off any malicious breach or malware. Everything, from user onboarding to remote troubleshooting, is mostly executed in minutes which is excellent for business continuity.

Aside from your Microsoft 365 suite, other applications available within the Wycore platform include Autodesk, SketchUp, Solibri, Bluebeam, Hogia, Visma Business, Tekla, Adobe Creative Cloud, M-Files, Power Project, and Microsoft Dynamics which are all securely accessible within a few clicks on your dashboard.  

All-day support and worry-free storage

Business efficiency also relies on how responsive your IT support is and with remote providers like Wycore, setting up an all-day tech and security online desk for troubleshooting is a must. This makes your virtual desktops maintenance-free and always updated without you having to check for bugs as Wycore is always on and monitoring your system’s efficiency. 

Files are backed up daily with all of your essential applications installed on cloud servers so you don’t run the risk of having your files corrupted, missing, or deleted. What sets the platform apart from the rest is its security architecture that not only protects your system from any type of malware but also provides a double-activated backup system that always runs so you can restore and retrieve any data you’ve accidentally deleted. 

When it comes to cloud computing technology and business cloud services, businesses can rely on Wycore to be on top of its game when updating the best software for work, bolstering its security features, and delivering a seamless and reliable cloud user experience each time you log on.

Learn more about Wycore and its managed services to make your business more efficient than ever now!

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