Now we launch a unique concept of maintenance-free clients

As an IT operator, Wycore has the goal of ensuring that the IT environment of customers is functioning smoothly and as easily as possible. Wycore’s Citrix-based cloud platform is designed to achieve this. By now also offering custom-configured thin clients, cloud clients, which connect directly into the cloud platform, users get an unrivaled smooth and flawless IT environment. Because the cloud client connects directly into the user’s cloud drive without interruption, the risk of interference and interruptions is minimized. With the cloud client, the requirements for other configuration have been completely eliminated, and the solution requires no IT infrastructure other than a regular internet connection.

“The cloud client is completely unique. We have developed this long and have conducted solid tests with different solutions and have now managed to develop a very good concept that we now launch to new and existing customers, “continues John Lybäck.

The cloud client does not consist of any mechanics and starts up instantly, and because they are completely maintenance-free, there is also no need to update anything in the devices ever. They also have a significantly longer service life, up two to three times longer than standard computers, and only a standard internet connection is required. If something happens to one or more clients, then no data has been lost and just starting a new one is about to end where you left.

The concept is now being launched, and the first customers in charge of the solution are Inhouse, a consulting, recruitment and staffing company in Stockholm, as well as Ebab, one of Sweden’s leading consulting and project development consultants with more than 150 employees around Sweden. Both use the cloud client to function-based workplaces.