The Benefits of DaaS Cloud Computing in Today’s Business

When people hear the term ‘cloud computing’ for the first time, most would either get how its processes work instantly or simply dismiss it as another tech jargon that’s worth leaving up in the air. However, if you are engaged in business, turning to available cloud services is quite inevitable these days as there are so many benefits and advantages that this revolutionary digital technology can offer for the long term.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard of how cloud computing can streamline workflows in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner. Simply put, cloud computing services are delivered online, usually by third-party providers, to give users access to secured data servers, storage space, applications, networking applications, analytics, and the like. Think of a vending machine only with useful business applications and tools on the racks that you can get whenever you need them and wherever you are at the moment, without having to worry about products getting caught in the mechanisms.

If that seems too good to be true, thank new-age technology for how digital applications have evolved over the years to make cloud services possible for businesses across multiple industries. Whether used for organizing human resources data, upgrading logistical processes, acquiring instant access to essential software, or ensuring the secure storage and exchange of documents over the internet, cloud computing is all that you need to run a competitive business in this era of digital commerce.

Why are cloud computer services important to a business?

While there are still some companies who opt for traditional in-house infrastructures whether because they can afford them or are not yet aware of today’s available technology, it’s just a matter of time that businesses across all industries will seek some form of cloud computing support. 

According to one study by the International Data Corporation, global IT spending on cloud services increased by 34.4% while traditional IT spending was reduced by 8.7% in the second quarter of 2020. The increase translates to a third of overall IT spending all over the world which reflects how businesses are shifting towards the cloud to remain competitive.  

As fast as how businesses are transforming every aspect of their operations digitally, cloud computer technology continues to evolve to offer more solutions not only to blue-chip companies but even to smaller entrepreneurs and startups as well. It’s an undeniable advantage that levels the playing field in terms of service delivery for companies of any scale.

The advantages of DaaS cloud computing

Serving as an alternative to traditional on-site data centers, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud computing enables businesses to reduce workloads that entail management of hardware and software installation and maintenance, setting up network infrastructures, and data storage. By doing away with annual system check-ups, upgrades, and maintenance, businesses can cut down on costs for new operating systems and other expenses for recurring work.    

Having a provider that sets up instantly accessible tools and platforms that are regularly updated via the cloud spares businesses the tedious and costly task of purchasing and maintaining on-site computer systems. 

Another glaring advantage that it offers is how companies can opt for pay-to-go options which let them pick out only the applications that they can use and will be charged according to usage instead of a fixed plan.

Aside from these benefits, cloud services streamline the way companies work by adding premiums to the most vital aspects of the business including the following:

  • Reliable speeds in accessing resources and data with user-friendly dashboards that get you what you need in a matter of minutes.
  • Cost-efficiency by way of scaling according to business requirements and the option to either upgrade or downgrade.
  • Increased productivity and reduced workloads primarily for IT personnel who won’t have to worry about regular updates and maintenance.
  • Reliable data protection, backup, and disaster risk management capabilities designed to maintain business continuity and fast troubleshooting solutions.
  • Advanced data security requires extensive policies, code, and controls to practically make malware-proof and external breaches impossible. 

Wycore’s cloud services and solutions

Via DaaS cloud computing services, businesses can remotely access essential software and business tools 24/7 regardless of the device they are using and via one sign-in. Virtual desktops that are reinforced with reliable hardware and software partners for their backend platforms also matter in terms of delivering a smoother and more optimized stream of its remote systems.  

One such cloud computing vendor that utilizes DaaS platforms through integrations with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Citrix Platinum for zero downtime is Wycore Cloud Client Services

With Wycore’s managed cloud services, businesses now have better access to the most state-of-the-art applications available on the platform anytime and anywhere they need them.

Learn more about how Wycore Cloud Client Services can give your business the cutting edge in today’s digital technology solutions via the cloud. Try the platform for free here now! 

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