Wycore Cloud Services: Everything You Need to Know

For businesses that employ a small roster, seeking third-party help to keep their tech game in shape is a must. Most of today’s boutique agencies rely on remote processes and multitasking capabilities via cloud services to cover all aspects of their businesses efficiently and without too much need for troubleshooting. 

This is where Wycore Cloud Desktop’s DaaS or Desktop as a Service comes in. Regardless of how today’s tech seems too complex for some, being familiar with how cloud services can help your business anytime, anywhere gets you an express ticket to the future of work where every business across all industries today is heading to.

Why cloud computing is essential to your business

To date, around 97% of businesses worldwide have already undergone some form of digital transformation. With how rapid tech innovations are evolving in the 21st century, more companies big or small have already shifted to cloud computing solutions that can keep their businesses secure, efficient, and hardworking yet stress-free. 

Thanks to this technology, even a small startup still has a fair chance to grow and thrive with essential information technology (IT) services in place. That’s because it enables employees to work with flexibility, gain access to remote systems and reliable IT infrastructure, and perform cost-efficient processes through the magic of cloud computing.

With more innovative startups sprouting each day, new and more flexible technologies like Wycore Cloud Desktop are also on the rise to help out. Because young companies need the right platform to build their businesses from the ground up, IT solutions that address specific operational pain points to cut down on service costs are becoming more essential nowadays. What has become prevalent among startups are teams that work remotely (especially now that a global pandemic has immensely restrained business mobilities), which require cloud-based systems and infrastructures that can connect people all over the world through smooth and efficient streaming and cloud services.      

Cloud services you can rely on

Wycore Cloud Desktop is one such company that enables micro-small-medium enterprises (MSMEs) to upgrade their IT potential and usher themselves into the digital age without the tech complexities, at a fixed price, and with an all-in approach. 

Whether you need to streamline workloads by efficiently scaling your operations, gain valuable insights from an integrated data and application platform, or have access to 24/7 secure and maintenance-free IT software, Wycore Cloud Desktop offers the solutions you need to advance as a digital company in the modern business landscape.

As most startups today prefer the flexibility and lifestyle of digital nomads, Wycore Cloud Desktop also grants secure access to your Windows desktops through Microsoft Azure and Citrix Platinum technology wherever you are and whenever you need to. 

Simply put, the platform is an advanced cloud computing service on-demand that doesn’t break the bank as you only have to pay for the selected IT services you use which reduces your capital expenses in the long run.

Introducing the Wycore Cloud Desktop technology

The Wycore Cloud Desktop technology is arguably complex as it is built on world-class technology– but don’t let that intimidate you. The company’s services are easy to understand as it aims to make things smoother for you in every aspect. 

Just imagine having the whole world as your optimized office and you’ll get a fair idea of what Wycore Cloud Desktop can offer.

Scale your business efficiently

As you get to use a cloud-based, fully scalable, and integrated platform that lets you add application servers and storage as you need to or scale out with more users in minutes and without re-installation, you also get to save on what matters most– time and money. 

Create and manage your desktop

With Wycore Cloud Desktop’s remote capabilities, you can easily manage and control both your workload and workforce. The first step is creating and personalizing your desktop panel by choosing from Wycore’s wide range of services. From there, you can easily onboard new users in seconds with its best-in-class and user-friendly interface and start collaborating. The remote desktop platform is also compatible with whatever device you prefer to use making it easier for you to work on your files and applications via cloud streaming without any hassle. And that’s even if you are on the go.  

Worry-free security and data transfer

As for data security, there’s no need to worry as the integrated platform comes with automated backup and encryption features that prevent hackers and malware from gaining access to your accounts. With that, you can conveniently transfer files and data back and forth with your colleagues and partners safely and without added fees then print your documents remotely with ease and security.

Cost-efficient solutions

If you are working on old and outdated PCs, Wycore also offers thin client solutions that let you connect directly on your cloud desktop which you can run annually without the frequent updates and costly antivirus installations so you won’t have to invest in new computers that require regular maintenance. 

Get on board with the right platform

All these and more are what you get from Wycore Cloud Desktop’s full virtual solutions. Transforming digitally with the right platform that genuinely cares about your business needs and objectives will lead you to increased productivity while constantly keeping you abreast of digital innovation– and that’s a promising investment worth taking for any modern business.

Experience the future of work today and reap its many benefits. Learn more about Wycore Cloud Services now! 

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